Capital Resources is a Specialty Commercial Brokerage serving the financial needs of Companies, Governments, Individuals, Investor Groups, and other established entities seeking to obtain funding for a variety of projects in the United States and Offshore. Funding is available in the billions of dollars.
We specialize in Large Project Funding and procurement of Joint Venture Partners for various projects worldwide. This includes everything from Real Estate to Power Plants.  If you have a deal in the U.S. or Offshore that requires $100 million or more in funding, or you’re looking for an Equity or Joint Venture Partner, then you’ve come to the right place.
    Our Commercial and Business Project Funding Programs are designed for Commercial & Residential Real Estate Developer, REIT’s, LLC’s, Investors, and Entrepreneurs for Real Estate projects in Salt Lake City. TheOneGroupUtah LLC was one of or client that is based in Utah.

NO PROJECT IS TOO LARGE TO FUND. From airport to casinos, call us to discuss your particular funding requirements.

In addition to these services, we can assist your company in attaining greater funding amounts using your Conditional Loan Commitments (minimum $100 million). Call for more details.

    Joint Venture Partnerships – are available ON and OFFSHORE starting at $100 Million (USD) on up. Collateral is required. See the Specialty Funding page for more info.

Equity Partnerships – Are available to select Companies and Groups seeking partners to collaborate and bring in fresh capital for large projects in the U.S. and abroad. See Specialty Funding for details. 
  Offshore Funding - Is available for a myriad of projects worldwide. This unique funding structure is available to Private Groups as well as established Governments. See Specialty Funding for details.  
  ENERGY FUNDING – This form of funding is available to companies seeking to build various types of energy-related facilities on and offshore.  It covers everything from Power Plants to Ethanol Refineries, including viable Alternative Energy sources. See the Energy Funding page for details.  
  Large scale funding is available for companies seeking capital for a Merger with, or Acquisition of one or more companies. See Specialty Funding for details.  
  WASTE TO ENERGY FUNDING Due to the high costs associated with the acquisition and construction of WTE facilities, this exceptional form of structured financing will allow Governments and Private Enterprise to fund Waste to Energy facilities in the U.S. and offshore. See the Waste to Energy Funding page for more details.